Simple Steps to Speed Up Your Site for More Bookings

By Fastrack Group

Amazon intentionally changed the load time of their site by 100 millisecond increments then tested the versions against each other. They found quickening the site by 0.1 seconds increased revenue by 1%. A 1 second drop could lead to $1.6 billion of loss in sales.

If you make $20k in direct bookings per month from your site that averages a load time of 10 seconds per page, dropping it to 4 seconds (which is possible for most sites), it’s reasonable to expect thousands added to your bottom-line every year.

A faster site also helps you rank higher in Google leading to more visitors wanting to book. Speed optimizations is something we do as part of our SEO program for clients. Here’s a quick guide on how to speed up your site:

How to Find the Speed of Your Site

How fast is your site? Viewing it on your computer is not the best way to find out.

Enter the home page of your website in Pingdom’s Full Page Test tool. Most accommodation sites I’ve worked on average 11 seconds. A good web developer will work through the waterflow chart and suggestions to identify speed bottlenecks.

Below is a speed test of a site we designed and optimized:

1.34 seconds is super fast. The only suggested improvements for this were browser caching and a cache validator for Google's scripts, which cannot be optimized because the scripts are hosted elsewhere:

Simple Ways to Optimize Your Site

A fast site partly depends on a good webhost; how your site is coded has greater affect. A good developer will minimize scripts, redirects, and other coding where possible to make the desired website fast. You don't have to understand code to check the efficiency of your site.

I love Pingdom's tool to check such development. Another option is Google’s PageSpeed Insights to discover technical optimizations you can do to hasten the site like browser caching, minification, compression, and image optimization.

The suggested improvements could involve recoding your site's template, using a plugin like W3 Total Cache for your WordPress site, making .htaccess edits, or manually compressing images using a simple program like IrfanView.

It can take time and technical know-how to make these improvements. The return is worth it.

If you would like someone to speed up your site for more bookings, give us a call on 1300 659 289.

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