Google Partners Summit 2018 Key Takeaways

By Fastrack Group


As Google Partners, Fastrack Group was invited to the Google Partners Summit 2018! The team gained valuable insight and learned about the newest updates, tech trends, and the latest Google Ads optimisation tools straight from the source.

Attended by the senior management team.  Essen, Gerard and Sarah share their key takeaways from the summit.  Read on to find out more. 

Machine Learning VS. Artificial Intelligence

Technology is always evolving but the future is not all about Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s also about Machine Learning (ML).  To keep up with the constantly changing digital landscape, Google believes ML it’s important to train computer models to find patterns in data and predict better results.  

Google’s mission is to make Machine Learning smarter, faster and efficiently help advertisers drive higher conversion values.

Stop chasing Intent. Start predicting it!


Stop targeting what people are searching for. Instead, take initiative and begin connecting the dots to leverage the data. You’ll be able to predict who visits your website and why. This will essentially help you hone in on your target demographic and improve results.



YouTube TrueView For Action Ads


Image via Google

Compared to the standard search ads, videos are able to better engage with users a fundamental key to driving brand marketing.  

The new TrueView for Action Ads feature a more prominent call to action and  Custom Intent Audiences functionality, which enables ads to reach viewers based on their recent search history.  This means you’ll have your consumers right at your fingertips anywhere and at any time, targeting the right user at the right time to drive the right leads and increase revenue.


Responsive Search Ads

The newest, largest and most flexible search ad format on Google Ads platform is here.  Responsive Search Ads is an integral part of the continuum that lets Machine Learning models do all the ad creative optimisation work.  It will serve the best message to different searchers depending on variables such as: the keywords they used, their device, their past browsing behaviour and other signals.

This is currently in beta version, so it's not available for everyone as of yet.

Want to find out how you can integrate Responsive Ads into your digital marketing? Talk to us today! 

The Importance of Page Speed


Page speed is an important key factor to website performance and conversion.  Google’s latest updates now consider a websites page speed in assessing organic mobile search rankings.

So what’s a good website speed? Ideally, it should be faster than a snap of a finger, and a blink of an eye. But you should always aim for less than 2 seconds. Studies show that websites with a load time of less than 2 seconds achieve a 15% higher conversion rate.  

Google Mobile Site Speed Tool is a great tool to help you understand more about your website speed, and how it impacts your revenue figure

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