3 Custom Google Analytics Reports Every Hotel Needs

By Fastrack Group

Hotel owners and their marketing managers are challenged by data. Rather than it empowering the decision makers to move towards profitable decisions, they overlook data knowing it's something they should look into, but don't know how.

You might log into Google Analytics, check if visitors have gone up for the month then look over the awful bounce-rate metric as a measure of your website's effectiveness. Tss tss. Digital data analysis is a complex skill who's basics you need to grasp.

Google Analytics out of the box is limited in usefulness. It captures basic visitor data and that's that. You need more.

Hotels need insight into booking, inquiry, and channel performance. A good company with analytics experience can take care of the data capture phase. When we start working with hotels in their marketing, 90% of them are not close to completing the first phase.

You complete phase one by identifying your KPIs then having someone implement the technology over time. This is rarely done one-off due to unique challenges with your website and business. Hotel software in the Australian industry is awful at this step making capture difficult.

Once you capture data correctly, you then venture into data reporting. The final step is data analysis. The model then looks like:

data capture > data reporting > data analysis

There is a disgustingly huge opportunity for hotels to profit from this three-phase model.

Phase two and three is more complex and valuable, which I will introduce you to below. The custom reports were formed by Google's Digital Marketing Evangelist Avinash Kaushik, and I hope to give you insight using them for your business.

By clicking on the download links, you can add the Google Analytics custom reports to your profile. Remember, the reports will be incomplete or inaccurate if the data capture phase is undone. Also note that most of the reports have tabs with further data.

1. Mobile Performance


Like web browser technology for desktop, mobile devices differ in how they display and function. The mobile performance reports give you insight into mobile device performance, how mobile users search, and page performance for mobile users.

The report

Download link


Questions to ask

  • What operating systems differ with bounce rate, session duration, and goal conversions? (If there's differences, test the website on such devices to test functionality.)
  • What search queries differ with bounce rate, session duration, and goal conversions? What intent could be behind outlier search queries? How can we better leverage good performing queries?
  • How do mobile users spend time on the website? What information do they seek? How can we make what they want more accessible?
  • How does mobile site behavior differ with desktop users?

2. Page Timing Diagnostics


The speed of your site directly affects bookings. Site speed should also be looked at individually as slow loading elements can be unique to a page. The report shares insight into individual page performance.

The report

Download link


Questions to ask

  • What pages have the highest load times? How can we speed up the site and each page? (Refer to my post on simple steps to speed up your hotel website.)
  • What pages are frequently viewed and put pressure on the server? (Miniscule changes on these pages can have a big affect.)
  • What pages have high load times and outlier bounce rates? (Users likely leave before a page loads. This is a good example of when bounce-rate, a useless metric, becomes useful when combined with another metric that is load time.)

3. Landing Pages Analysis


Discover what people first experience when landing on the website, how each performs, and what is valuable.

The report

Download link


Questions to ask

  • What pages have a high number of sessions? How come? (View the pages to see if they can better fulfill a content or lead goal.)
  • What are our most valuable pages? Could it be because they educate the person then have a call-to-action? (Setup a split-test on these pages to derive more value.)
  • How can we get more of the good performing traffic that makes a page valuable?

Well done. You've done more website data reporting and analysis than most hotels.

What insight have you gained from the reports? What other questions can you ask to dig deeper into the reports?

If you would like us to work through the three phases for you and optimize your digital marketing, give us a call on 1300 659 289.

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